Free widget for your site


* – insert 100% if you have an adaptive website theme.

This stair calculator widget can be installed by anyone. And it’s completely free!

  • Why would you? – Increase the time of the visitor on your site, thereby improving behavioural factors, thereby improving the position in organic search, thus getting more visitors. Yes, and your visitors are pleased!

Two options to install the widget on your site:

  1. If you have a website on the WordPress engine, then:
    a) Install our widget in your sidebar using your admin panel.
    b) Install the widget in any article, be sure to use the editor in the “Text” mode. Note, do not use the “Visual” mode (“Visual” mode destroys the code). If you have already installed the widget in the “Text” editor in some article, you can not switch to the “Visual” mode in this article. Otherwise the code will be destroyed and you will have to reinsert it.
  2. Install the widget just anywhere on your website through the HTML editor (available in your WordPress admin panel).
    Simply paste the widget code into your HTML code anywhere on your website.

We hope this guide was useful. Questions write in the comments.



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